Twitter lets you add topics to spaces
Twitter lets you add topics to spaces

After Twitter previewed the options it was developing last month, Twitter has now launched a real-time test of hashtags in the space.

This allows the platform to better highlight interested users when having conversations in related rooms, which can increase the reach of the audio stream.

New Space hashtags can be added during the setup process, and Space creators can add up to three hashtags per session.

When creating or arranging a space, some Android users can choose up to 3 topics from our list of top 10 bookmarks. But now it has 10 themes which will be expanded later.

Therefore, your options are currently somewhat limited, with only 10 English-language labels available on Android.

However, the idea is still that it will provide another way for the platform to improve access to the space by showing people offers based on the topics they interact with on the app.

The top 10 topics — business, money, music, sports, technology, games, world news, entertainment, arts and culture, family, family and work — align with current topics on Twitter, and people can follow those topics. Get relevant content on your timeline.

The platform currently shows the room of the people you're following at the top of the app where the fleets were.

With this addition, the platform may also wish to extend it to include topics in your area of ​​interest. This allows people to learn about relevant content at the right time.

Twitter tests topics in space to improve discovery

Twitter can also mark linked spaces on the Customize Spaces tab. It should reach all users at some point in the future.

In any case, the addition is important because space can be an attractive option. But at this time, you can never know when most of the audio broadcasts will take place. Unless you follow everyone on the app.

When the platform wants to increase the use of social voice and improve interaction through broadcasting. You also need to show the entire space to the largest potential audience.

Hence, focusing on key interests depending on the content of the space is an important step in increasing listeners and subscriptions.

If the platform can't detect, do the right thing. Soon people will lose interest in space. If you can't find what you want easily, stop trying.

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