When can you upgrade to Android 12?
When can you upgrade to Android 12?

At the beginning of September, Google launched the fifth and final beta version of the Android 12 operating system, with the official version coming to the market soon.

According to a recent report, the final version of the operating system will be released in early October.

Android 12 phones. Can be upgraded

Smartphone manufacturers have started developing their own user interface compatible with the new version. However, based on release dates in previous years, it is possible to guess when the next release will appear.

In general, users of modern flagship phones can upgrade before the end of this year. Older phone users may have to wait until early 2022.

As always, users of the company's Pixel phones can upgrade to the new version on the same release date.

According to the company, the Pixel 3 and any higher version can be upgraded to the new Android 12 version.

For Galaxy phone users, Samsung has released a beta version of One UI 4 UI based on Android 12 operating system for Galaxy S21 series users.

Hence, users of the Galaxy S10 Lite and all newer phones are expected to upgrade in December. Next up is the Galaxy Tablet, starting with the Note 10 Lite and all newer phones.

Next up are foldable phones and A-series phones, starting with the Galaxy A Quantum and all newer models. You can start the upgrade from January 2022.

Suitable for users of other mobile phones and tablets including Galaxy M01, Galaxy F41, Galaxy XCover Pro and later models. They are expected to be promoted between June 2022 and September 2022.

Permission to upgrade to a new version of your Android smartphone

Existing OnePlus phone users are expected to be able to upgrade to Android 12 in the later months of this year. This includes the OnePlus 7 and all newer phones. Mobile phones due to be released in the coming months will be eligible for upgrades in 2022.

For Oppo phone users, the company plans to release Android version 12 on more than a hundred phones. This includes all phones that have been released and will be released this year. Excluding phones launched in 2020 and most phones launched in 2019.

Currently, many Xiaomi phones can be upgraded to Android 12. These include the Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11i and Mi 11 Pro models. However, the company has not provided any information about when other models will receive the new version.

Other manufacturers like Motorola and Nokia have not confirmed the exact date when they will update their phones to Android 12.

Generally, these companies are notorious for delays in updating their phones. So don't expect your phone to be running a new version of the operating system anytime soon.

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