Xiaomi returns to the Android tablet with the Pad 5
Xiaomi returns to the Android tablet with the Pad 5

Xiaomi released its first tablet, Mi Pad 5, a few years ago and launched it in the company's European market.

The last tablet was the 8-inch Mi Pad 4 in 2018, and the company recently abandoned the Mi brand.

Pad 5 was designed with productivity in mind and is especially suitable for people who work or study at home.

The tablet is equipped with the company's Smart Stylus stylus, which can be used to take notes or use its function keys to quickly take screenshots.

Mi Pad 5 is an 11-inch tablet with a WQHD+ display, 120Hz refresh rate, four speakers and 6GB of memory. Additional support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

There is also the Snapdragon 860 processor that was announced earlier this year, which is a new accelerated version of the flagship Snapdragon 855 chip that Qualcomm released in 2019.

There is an 8MP sensor on the front that supports 1080p video recording for meetings and classes.

It also has built-in capabilities to scan documents for later use or share with the 13MP rear camera.

Xiaomi returns to the Android tablet with the Pad 5

The Pad 5 looks like the iPad Pro, with slim bezels and flat edges for the tablet's MIUI customizations (like the app base).

The company views the Pad 5 as a portable workstation and entertainment device and offers pen and keyboard accessories in some markets.

In terms of price, the Mi Pad 5 does well with Apple's iPad series. The 128 GB version is $413 and the 256 GB version is $472.

The iPad Air is the more similar competitor, with a starting price of $803 for 64GB, and the device comes in two colors, space gray and pearl white. However, the company did not specify an exact release date for the Tablet 5, only that the date varies by region.

worse than other products

The company also launched the NFC version of the Mi Smart Band 6, which debuted on the market in March 2020.

And the new bracelet still has the health features of the old bracelet, including the SpO2 function. But contactless payment via NFC is now possible.

The company has partnered with MasterCard to add this feature to mobile devices that now have built-in access to Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. This smart bracelet costs $65.

Except for the new Pad 5 and Mi Smart Band 6. The company also launched the Mi Smart Projector 2 for $708. This is a portable monitor that works on Android TV and has built-in access to the Google Assistant. In addition to the ability to display images with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The company introduced a dual band network system. Provides dual-band WiFi 6 coverage of up to 4000 square metres. It costs $176.

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