YouTube brings community posts to more channels
YouTube brings community posts to more channels

YouTube has announced that it has halved the number of subscribers required to publish community posts.

As of October 12, you'll need more than 500 subscribers instead of 1,000. The platform announced in a tweet that it provides this functionality to millions of other channels.

YouTube is the best video viewing platform, with millions of content creators creating and uploading the videos that subscribers need.

The tech giant understands that a large community depends on its services, so it has worked hard to improve its features and introduce new tools.

The company is also committed to making it easier for users, and this time the social giant has taken the right steps that many small content creators can benefit from.

The platform recently introduced a discussion forum. But this discussion forum was soon temporarily replaced by a community sharing option.

In addition to posting the usual long or short videos, community engagement gives creators the opportunity to post short videos, stills, GIFs, and other types of content.

This content is displayed on the Community tab and can usually also be displayed on the start page or in the News Feed.

This is a useful feature for content creators as it allows them to stay connected and interact with the audience even if they cannot post frequently used videos on their channel.

However, this feature is limited to users with more than 1,000 subscribers. But the platform has now decided to expand it.

YouTube brings community posts to more channels

The community sharing option is used as an alternative to discussion forums. Although the discussion forum has not been completely removed. But its use is limited.

However, starting October 12, the discussion forum will no longer support key community engagement options as they become more accessible to a wider audience. You can still access the Chat tab from the channel page on your computer.

The tech giant said the community contributions were well received and could be expanded to other users in the future.

I don't know when that will happen. But even if you have less than 500 fans, given this YouTube statement, you can take advantage of this community sharing functionality in the future.

Over the past year, the company has worked closely with content creators to improve the community experience by adding new features such as post metrics, multi-image posts, and post scheduling.

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