YouTube is testing video downloads for desktop browser
YouTube is testing video downloads for desktop browser

YouTube is testing a new feature for premium subscribers that may eliminate the need for third-party websites to download and store videos on their devices.

Until October 19, advanced users can try out a feature that allows them to download videos from their browsers.

This test brings existing mobile skills to the network and is part of an ongoing plan that will allow advanced users to test what the platform is doing.

With a YouTube Premium subscription, you can save content to watch offline on Android and iOS.

By default, advanced users can download these videos. Subscribers with access to the latest version of the Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Opera browsers can click the Download button while watching a video or click the three-dot menu while browsing.

Then the user can access the downloaded video from the download source or from the side navigation bar.

These settings allow users to scan all content and choose the download quality. There are no 4K or 360p options. But there are 1080p, 720p, 480p and 144p resolutions.

Unlike third-party websites, this platform does not provide you with video files that are permanently stored on your hard drive.

Alternatively, viewers can access cached copies of the video, such as downloading Netflix shows to watch offline on a plane.

YouTube Premium members can test this feature

Users can visit the platform's website to view the downloaded videos offline.

Then they will see a text indicating that they are not connected to the Internet. This will take them to a new page showing the video they uploaded.

This functionality can also be implemented through a Progressive Web Application (PWA). As long as the user's device is online at least every 30 days, the downloaded video will still be available.

The platform declined to say if and when the test will be officially released to users. However, under normal circumstances, Premium members can browse the experience offered as a bonus with a YouTube Premium membership.

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