YouTube shuts down the Rhythm music bot
YouTube shuts down the Rhythm music bot

After weeks of forced shutdown of the Discord Groovy music bot, Google's YouTube platform is now turning to Discord's most popular music bot, Rhythm.

The search giant sent a pause request to the owner of Rythm, a bot that allows Discord users to stream YouTube videos and music with more than 560 million users.

Google hopes to shut down rhythm bots within 7 days, and the service promises to shut down its bots on September 15.

Rythm is currently installed on over 20 million Discord servers. Rhythm has more than 560 million Discord users, with 30 million monthly active users on the service.

Given that Discord has 150 million monthly active users, this shutdown is a blow to Discord's core functionality, which is used by about 20% of its user base.

The creator of the rhythm bot admitted in a post on Discord: Somehow we know this finally happened. So we started looking for new things a year ago. Groovy's receipt of the closure request means that this will happen to us sooner or later.

The Rhythm Robotics team is looking for new things in music. There is a link to the Discord platform. But the team is not ready to talk about their next project yet.

The rhythm bot is a full-time business of its creator, it requires 16 servers with more than 4 TB of memory and more than 1,000 processor cores to run the music bot, which shows the popularity of the service.

YouTube shuts down the Rhythm music bot

The creator of the bot said, “After I got the news, I think it will crash into all the music bots in the next few weeks. I think they are all closed.

He added, "As an early-stage Discord user, it's hard to imagine Discord without a music bot." Become the key to the experience and bring great fun and participation to the community.

Although music bots seem to be an important part of Discord, they have been used by third parties for many years, allowing the platform to avoid censorship or lawsuits from companies like YouTube.

The shutdown of Groovy and Rythm has forced many Discord users to look for alternatives. However, if young bot developers try to fill the void, they risk the same fate.

YouTube and Discord seem to be working on an alternative. For the past 10 months, Discord has been testing social gatherings on its service that Discord users can use to create YouTube pools.

Although it cannot directly replace music bots with Discord. However, when the feature is officially launched, it may be the official way to watch YouTube content on Discord.

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