Amazon does a lot of work on environmental intelligence
Amazon does a lot of work on environmental intelligence

Experts view environmental intelligence as the future of today's technology. In 2017, Walt Mossberg mentioned it in one of his articles, but so far this area has not begun to spread and expand, but on the other hand, Amazon is fiercely competitive.

Many companies are developing and relying on environmental information. But Dave Limp, Amazon's director of devices, has put himself more into technology, which is clearly reflected in Amazon's recently announced product line.

Ambient intelligence is to keep the computer next to the user at all times. This led to the emergence of the so-called hidden computers. Amazon does well because you can take its new smart home products anywhere.

The American giant offers a range of products that mainly revolve around environmental intelligence technology rather than just smart home devices. As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of these devices is to brief the computer user.

Perhaps the most noticeable is the astronomical robot, which can move freely on two wheels and is equipped with a large screen. The robot can carry light items such as drinks, monitor homes, or use it for video calls.

Amazon does a lot of work on environmental intelligence

Astro-bots have intrigued millions of users, including those without Amazon smart devices. But in addition to emphasizing the use of this product in relation to environmental intelligence, the company is also focusing on one other product, Glow.

This product allows children to participate in video calls during interactive games, and its content is projected directly above the table by light projection.

As for the third product, the Echo Show 15 Edition, which in the form of a picture frame serves as a complete stop for the whole house.

In terms of environmental intelligence, there is no doubt that these devices have expanded this concept and have also shown how much Amazon cares about this area. The company's smart home devices are no less than any other smart device running operating systems such as Windows, Android or iOS.

As we all know, all Amazon smart home devices rely on cloud processing at a level that does not conflict with the user's digital privacy. Of course, the Amazon system can be completely integrated into the new generation.

The company managed to build a computer system that is no less important than other operating systems. However, users are still unable to manage it because it does not appear on the screen like Android and iOS but it runs entirely in the background.

There is no doubt that none of this would happen if there were no advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Overall, the company has the ability to surround computer and artificial intelligence users across the family. However, peripheral intelligence and computer technology hidden in the current concept still require significant development from all companies.

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