Apple App Store Payment Rules Against Competition
Apple App Store Payment Rules Against Competition

The Dutch competition authority found that Apple was requiring software developers to use its integrated payment system as an anti-competitive regulation and ordered changes to be made.

The payment policy of the App Store, which forces app developers in particular to use the payment system only with commissions of 15-30%, has long led to complaints from developers.

The Dutch investigation to determine whether the company's shares constituted an abuse of its dominant position began in 2019. However, it was later scaled back and focused on establishing the dating market.

The investigation included a complaint from Match Group, the owner of the Tinder service, which said Apple's rules prevent it from communicating directly with customers about payment issues.

The Dutch consumer and market regulator informed the US tech giant of its decision last month, making it the first antitrust body to determine that the company has abused its market power in the app store. Although Apple faces challenges in many countries/regions, they still exist.

The Dutch Consumer and Markets Authority has not imposed any fine on the company. However, I requested changes to the in-app payment system.

The company argued that its app store rules ensure the safety and privacy of users. She applied to the District Court of Rotterdam for an injunction to prevent publication of the appeal decision.

Apple faces new regulatory setbacks

The European Commission launched an investigation at the same time as the Dutch investigation in 2020. However, what worries me is whether the App Store rules for business apps are useful when it comes to competing products.

Last month, a US judge ordered the company to simplify the promotion of alternative payment systems through apps. Epic Games, the maker of the game Fortnite, has appealed, saying the decision was not enough.

South Korea has passed a law banning app store owners from forcing developers to use its official payment system. Apple and Google will answer this month on how to comply with the regulations.

The Japanese company reached an antitrust investigation agreement. You agree to allow certain music, video, and e-book apps (particularly Netflix) to advertise shopping options outside of their apps.

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