Apple Health relies on misleading data
Apple Health relies on misleading data

Apple employees worried about misleading data being used to support new health products are facing hostile situations.

Additionally, the medical company's lack of internal structure and other organizational problems hamper the company's health promotion ambitions.

Some of the concerns relate to the company's clinics, which provide health care to employees and develop ways to integrate data collected from their devices into care.

Will Poe, a physician involved in the project, said in his resignation letter to CEO Tim Cook that he was concerned that team members were giving misinformation to Jeff Williams, the operations manager responsible for overseeing the company's health.

Poe fears that members of the Williams Clinic team will declare that they must provide quality care, even if the quality of care is not measured in a standardized way.

Other employees also expressed similar concerns. But the company did nothing. A former employee said: The company doesn't want to help. She is satisfied with the status quo.

The company says that part of the report is based on outdated information. The company is still in the early stages of our work in health technology, said Fred Sainz, the company's senior director of communications.

A June article in the Wall Street Journal also mentioned problems in inpatient clinics. He said staff were concerned about the way the data was collected and presented.

The new report says the company's hardware team is focused on developing consumer applications and products, not drugs. It also makes it difficult for the health team to build stronger inpatient primary care programs.

Apple strives to create a lasting legacy in healthcare

The company began seeing the clinic and its business as a way to promote Apple Watch sales, rather than viewing it as a project on its own.

Current and former employees stated that the health team did not have a clear strategy and that the internal culture did not allow for feedback.

After discussing and lobbying the clinic's care at a meeting, the report of the vice president of health and project manager at Apple Somple Desai, the report of the physician who worked with the clinic team, was deleted.

A senior project manager in engineering said at a meeting that some people in the organization would rather tell good stories than accurately represent data, and they were laid off shortly thereafter.

"All allegations of retaliation will be fully investigated and appropriate corrective action will be taken to resolve them," Sainz said in a statement. All health authorities encourage employees to always do the right thing, to speak up and ask questions.

In addition, these ideas emerged when the entire corporate culture began to change. More and more employees are talking about the workplace and asking CEOs to take their concerns seriously.

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