Apple is building a prototype to prevent iPod design leaks
Apple is building a prototype to prevent iPod design leaks

The macOS and iOS software development team Panic Group presented a prototype of Apple's original iPod to mark the device's 20th anniversary.

It's hard to believe that Apple's original iPod prototype is anything to go by, as Panic's Kapil Sasser shared an exclusive note of the first iPod prototype.

The rare prototype is yellow, and although it is a late product in the product development cycle, it is quite large compared to the rechargeable version of the original iPod.

Sasser said the date for this iPod prototype was September 3, 2001. That's about two months after the iPod's actual release date of October 23. The iPod software runs on the prototype.

It also has a small scroll wheel in the upper left corner next to the screen. There are several touch buttons arranged vertically on the right side of the device.

It shares the same ports as the original iPod, including FireWire and standard headphone jacks. Compared to the rest of Yellow Hell, the screen looks very small. But it is similar to the iPod itself.

Panic kept this iPod prototype and eventually shared it with the world on the 20th anniversary of the iPod.

Sasser said the company doesn't know where it got the prototype from. But it's a special part of Apple's history, and we're keeping it.

The secret is to celebrate the 20th birthday of the iPod

Tony Fadel, inventor of the iPod, tweeted more details about the prototype. Fadel said it's called the P68/Dulcimer and is specifically designed to disguise the iPod's final design to avoid prying eyes.

It should be noted that the company's mission to hide its design is the reason for the massive internal space of the device. Although the design of the internal parts is closer to the size of an official iPod. But the company believes that the prototypes are a way to hide the secrets of its interior and exterior designs.

However, the original equipment prototype is unique. This proves that the company is careful to keep its design secret, which was especially important for the release of its first iPod.

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