Apple's Next Generation iPhone SE Plan
Apple's Next Generation iPhone SE Plan

The first iPhone SE was a huge success, on the one hand, due to the arrival of the old iPhone, it came at an affordable price and offered revolutionary specifications. Four years after the introduction of the first generation of mobile phones, Apple launched the second generation in 2020.

The company did not clarify the fate of the SE series of iPhone phones, especially since the release of the second generation came unexpectedly. The main difference of this phone lies in the average price, small size and the new design that relies on the fingerprint sensor instead of facial recognition.

Some reports indicated that the giant Cupertino company is currently working on developing a third generation mobile phone. However, there has been no specific leak yet. Some reports have also said that Apple's next generation could build on the iPhone 11 design.

The company is currently selling the iPhone 11 for only $100 more than the iPhone SE 2. Hence, some reports suggest that the two phones will merge, but that can't happen because the two phones are different in almost every aspect.

On the downside, the only logical way for the iPhone SE series is to keep the old design that users love, but there are some differences to differentiate the versions apart from focusing on the phone's internal specs.

Apple iPhone SE 3 plan

When the company released the second generation iPhone SE, it was already relying on the new iPhone design. According to reports, the company's target audience for offering this generation of products are former design enthusiasts, traditional fingerprint reader enthusiasts, and those on a tight budget.

The company appears to be bringing the same idea back in. In addition to the 5G network, the iPhone SE 3 will also be equipped with a modern processor, possibly the A14 Bionic.

The company should not insert the latest A15 Bionic processor in the phone, especially if there is a mini version. It comes with the latest Apple phone design but the price is relatively low and the specifications are up to date.

Apple is expected to release a new generation of iPhone SE in early 2022. Remember that iPhone SE 2 is just an updated version of the iPhone 8.

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