Did China misdiagnose video game addiction?
Did China misdiagnose video game addiction?

The Chinese government strictly deals with the problem of gambling addiction and allows children under the age of 18 to play three hours a week. Especially Fridays, weekends and public holidays.

Children can only play between eight and nine in the evening. According to the government, the new decision aims to reduce addiction to video games.

China has a history of similar trains, and those trains have significantly reduced playing time, including a complete ban on night games in 2019. Players also have to provide their name and location.

Some parents strongly condone this behavior. So much so that their children are sent to extremist camps to "cure" their addiction to video games. But experts say the Chinese government's definition of gambling addiction may be wrong.

In fact, the World Health Organization describes gambling addiction as having a significant impact on behavior and personality structure and is not only dependent on the number of hours children play games.

China and video game addiction

Gambling addiction can be described as a stage where everything else becomes worthless compared to the hours of playing; Of course, this is a very advanced level.

Kids love video games because research has shown that they are a great way to bond with friends. Although there are strict laws, children always try to circumvent them. Playing games is different from enjoying games.

Because a drug addict can sacrifice his social life, his friends, his habits, but still play the clock with great caution. But this rarely happens. Experts believe that this situation is completely different from the health of the player in terms of Chinese law.

The new law could negatively affect Chinese children. The new period - 3 hours a week - is very rare. In addition, the government has set a specific time for the game and any player entering at the same time will undoubtedly have an impact on the game server.

There is no doubt that the new Chinese law will make it difficult for most children and teenagers to play. But they can find a solution that overcomes these limitations. Experts believe that parental control gambling, even if it's twice as many hours as China forces its citizens to gamble, can produce positive results.

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