Is Microsoft playing its game to develop military artificial intelligence?
Is Microsoft playing its game to develop military artificial intelligence?

Microsoft is a leading technology company. Like other technology companies, the company has a large number of military contracts with all parties. But Microsoft can rely on video games to outperform its competitors in this area.

In fact, Microsoft is currently preparing to launch Age of Empires 4, which will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers for free as usual. The game is developed by the Relic team and published by Xbox Studios themselves.

Adam Esgreen, Technical Director of Xbox Studios, spoke about his AI technology in an interview not long ago. He said at the time that the game relies on machine learning technology to develop its artificial intelligence.

Additionally, Isgreen mentioned that the development team may add a new difficulty level. This level allows machine learning technology to train and teach the game's AI system according to the player's playing style.

According to him, this would make the game's AI "invincible". In fact, the game relied on artificial intelligence before its release, but it does not depend on learning other people's games.

Microsoft and military artificial intelligence

Age of Empires 4 offers a board game-like strategic war experience. Hence, this game is highly dependent on the intelligence and plan of the player.

Since Microsoft has a large number of contracts with military units, this has led some people to believe that Microsoft is using its games, especially war, to develop and train military AI, even on a small scale.

Microsoft is not alone because there are many other companies that have partnered with the military on projects like the Pentagon, which are worth billions of dollars. This of course includes Google and Amazon.

Some sources believe that Microsoft's gaming achievements may somehow help improve military AI technology. This is because the game world leaves plenty of room to train some models very freely.

However, this is not certain, as it is based on Izgren's assumptions. On the other hand, the rapid growth of artificial intelligence. But the hypothesis that Microsoft is using the Xbox platform to train AI warfare is an interesting one.

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