Do iPad Pro screen problems appear on MacBook Pro
Do iPad Pro screen problems appear on MacBook Pro

The screen technology used in smart products varies widely, and portable iPads have excellent screens in terms of resolution, brightness, and refresh rate. These displays received a huge update in the latest version, as do the MacBook Pro computers.

That's because Apple has unveiled its latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro that uses a tiny LED display, similar to the OLED screens we see in flagship phones and tablets.

In fact, the mini-LED version of the iPad Pro greatly improved the quality of content, especially when HDR mode is enabled. However, I have run into a number of issues and difficulties with this MacBook Pro display.

This is because a mini LED display has thousands of LED drivers located under the screen which are smaller than the LED drivers used in various TVs. This is the general principle of how this type of display works.

While Apple has provided the best possible screen quality, some iPad Pro flaws can also appear on MacBook Pro computers that use the same technology. The most notable of these flaws is the white halo that appears around every element of the screen in low light.

Small LED display for MacBook Pro

While this issue is annoying, it is not fatal to the user experience. On the flip side, users may not accept its presence in the $6000 MacBook Pro, a device designed for professionals.

Perhaps the problem with the white aura does not end there. The iPad Pro's MicroLED display also has a shadow issue. This problem manifests itself in a slight shadow on the edge of the screen. Again, this problem is not important because the user's eyes are usually focused in the center of the screen.

Interestingly enough, this problem also occurred with Pro Display XDR. This is a luxury and expensive monitor from Apple. However, on the other hand, it has no effect on ordinary users.

But when it comes to the $6000 hardware, the problem comes back! Is the problem of halos and white shadows around the edges acceptable? Or it won't be found on a Mac computer like it is on an iPad.

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