Epic Games wants to compete with video game stores
Epic Games wants to compete with video game stores

The Epic Games Store will compete closely with more mature PC game stores (like Steam) next week with a performance system called Epic Achievements.

First, Epic Achievements is only available for a few games, including Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Kena, Zombie Army 4, and Alan Wake Remastered.

Achievements are divided into four levels: Bronze (get it when you get 45-50 XP), silver (get it when you get 50-95 XP), gold (get it when you get 100-200 XP) and platinum (you win it if you win. ). up to 250 experience points).

Games that have been updated to support Epic Achievements will now display those achievements through the in-game store page and player library, where they can track their progress and see their progress on certain challenges.

Currently accumulated experience points give players a sense of pride and accomplishment. The company has promised to add new social features and performance-based player rewards later this year.

The Epic Games Store has been a tech savvy for more than a year when it started testing an early version of the feature the company has called out. But the upcoming game next week promises to introduce a more complete system, including games. This allows players to gain experience at the platform level, such as player ratings on the Xbox Store.

Legacy achievements in the game remain developer achievements and are entirely at the developer's discretion. It's nice that developers can pass on their current developer achievements through Epic Achievements (if they want to).

The Epic Games Store introduces the achievement system

"We are pleased to announce that the initial rollout of the Epic Achievements system has begun," the company said. It contains a set of tools for developers to enable the platform to achieve successes quickly and easily. This means that from next week you can start earning experience points by achieving epic achievements in some games.

Over the past year, she added, we have worked closely with some of our development partners to bring the system back to life. We are working hard to make these tools available to more developers. So you can expect some epic achievements to appear in your favorite games later this year.

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