Epic Games wants to use cryptocurrency
Epic Games wants to use cryptocurrency

Epic Games has stated that it is open to supporting crypto or asset-based games on its play store, which differs from its competitor Valve, which has banned games using blockchain or NFT technology from the Steam store. .
Under the rules, Valve has been added to the list of prohibited content on Steam, it will not allow games that use blockchain technology or allow users to trade NFTs or cryptocurrency through Steam.

When it comes to NFT games, Epic Games has clarified that there may be some limitations. But the company is ready to work with the first developers in the new field.

Epic Games emphasized that the game must comply with financial laws, explain the use of the blockchain, and be of an appropriate age rating.

He also noted that developers cannot use the company's payment service to accept cryptocurrencies. You must switch to your payment system.

Company President Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) said the company is not interested in NFTs. But that statement now appears to apply to his own games.

The company said it is clarifying the rules while working with developers to understand how they intend to use blockchain technology in games.

Sweeney also posted some other ideas on Twitter, saying that while the company doesn't use coding in its games, Sweeney also posted some other ideas on Twitter. But he welcomes innovation in technology and finance.

He added, “Blockchain as a technology is just a distributed transaction database with a decentralized business model that can drive investment in hardware to expand the capacity of the database.” That's it, whether its specific use succeeds or fails. There are advantages.

Epic Games is open to crypto games

This does not mean that developers rejected by Steam can go directly to the Epic Games Store, as the company's self-published software is in beta. The FAQ states that they will choose who can join based on the situation.

Allowing games that have been blocked by Steam is another way for Epic Game to compete with Valve. Epic Game has shown that it is ready to make its store a major player in the PC gaming space.

This could be another feature that may appeal to some players or developers. Some NFT fans immediately thought of Epic Game after the Steam news came out.

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