Facebook allows group chat between Instagram and Messenger
Facebook allows group chat between Instagram and Messenger

Facebook controls the messaging and chat system. In fact, the American company owns Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, which offer the same feature called DM.

Today the company announced a new group chat feature that allows users to join these conversations simultaneously through Messenger and Facebook. This means that Instagram users can join group chats that include Messenger users.

This feature was released a year after Instagram chat and messenger merged, where users have a unified account and can access services on both platforms at the same time.

Facebook said that since the first update was released, more than 70% of Instagram and Messenger users have started using the new unified experience.

Facebook wants to continue to improve the setup experience with new updates. Users can easily create discussion groups with contacts, be it through Messenger or Instagram.

The new experience provides all the personalized functionality that users are accustomed to. This also includes the selection of some reactions. In addition to choosing different dialogue models.

Group chat integrated with Facebook

The group chat on the Facebook platform has also been given new functionality. Perhaps the most notable is the writing indicator. In fact, the platform displays an indicator that shows whether a group member is writing a message or not.

In addition, the company has added a new option that allows the creation of polls through Instagram. This feature works seamlessly in group chats with Instagram and Messenger users. There is no doubt that users should update the Instagram and Messenger apps to the latest version to take advantage of all these features.

The company was not satisfied with this as it started making Watch Together feature available to Instagram users. Thus, Instagram users can view content with Messenger users and other Instagram users.

The platform allows segregation of Instagram accounts and messenger accounts for users who wish to do so, as this merger has not yet been seen as mandatory. You can do this by going to the Account Center option in Instagram settings and separating the two accounts.

The group chat integration feature is already available, but it may take some time to reach all users around the world.

This new functionality shows that Facebook wants to get as many users as possible to use its messaging and chat services. In fact, there are more secure competitors like Signal and Telegram.

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