Facebook announces support for virtual reality developers
Facebook announces support for virtual reality developers

Virtual reality applications multiply every day, especially when commuting from home to work. Facebook is now looking for a higher connection. The new $10 million fundraising program aims to encourage VR creators to help build social and interactive platforms. Follow in a virtual reality environment.

Although augmented reality appears to be gaining more and more interest over the next few years, virtual reality is the next step, promoting immersive and immersive experiences online and allowing people to connect in new ways without leaving their homes.

According to the video released by the company, the renamed "Horizon World" experience providing a virtual haven for creators is looking pretty straightforward at the moment. But it gets more complicated every day.

Over the past year, we've added several new features to Horizon World that make it easy to create complex worlds and dramatically expand the range of experiences that can be created.

She continued, "Have you come up with an idea for a game or experiment, but you don't have the right tools to make that vision a reality?" If you've ever dreamed of creating a paintball game or a social gathering place, now is the time. Join the horizon world and build with us.

Facebook hopes to be a step forward in the next stage of the curve

The new money will be made available in three parts to stimulate the different elements of the VR experience:

  •     Community Contest: The company has launched a series of designer contests to reward creators who make the best Horizon world. The program offers winners cash prizes of up to $10,000.
  •     Accelerator Program: The company's Creator Accelerator program aims to offer advanced and in-depth Horizon World creation courses for people from diverse backgrounds. The program will soon accept applications for its expansion program scheduled to begin in early 2022.
  •     Developer Funding: The company is also interested in funding developers, studios, or creators interested in creating experiences for Horizon around specific topics.

Each of these elements plays an important role in building a virtual reality environment. At the same time, he made sure that Facebook stayed ahead of the next stage, which became increasingly important to him.

The data shows that Facebook regularly loses contact with its younger audience. This can cause their platforms to lose relevance and reduce the company's presence to support new and growing online trends.

But whether Facebook can make the next technological shift in AR and VR connectivity. This can go a long way towards alleviating such setbacks. The platform is becoming more and more useful in virtual and augmented reality, ensuring that it will remain an indispensable communication tool in the future.

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