Facebook kills Iranian networks trying to influence politics
Facebook kills Iranian networks trying to influence politics

Facebook said it has removed dozens of fake accounts trying to influence Iranian politics.

The social media giant said it has removed 93 accounts, 14 pages, 15 groups and 194 accounts on its main Instagram photo-sharing app platform for violating its disapproval of coordination and a fraudulent behavior policy.

The company noted that the network of accounts is primarily published in Farsi and that the content includes local news and current affairs in Lorestan Province in western Iran.

Hence, it mainly targets the local audience of this country. He tried to praise the army and criticize the opposition. Some accounts are trying to increase voter turnout in the Iranian elections 2020.

These reports criticized the Kurdish national movement, the United States, and Saudi Arabia. This is based on what Facebook reported in its report on these cross-platform operational manipulations.

The company determined that the activity was part of its internal investigation into alleged miscoordination in the area. He puts him in contact with people associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. It seems that Iranian networks have bought fake fans in order to appear more famous and trustworthy.

The company also said it had removed a Sudanese network of 666 accounts, 116 pages, 69 groups and 92 accounts from its main Instagram account. This is because it is against its policy of opposing foreign or government intervention.

The company said the network has ties to Sudan's Rapid Support Force, a paramilitary organization run by the Sudanese government that claims to be an independent news agency, journalist and student in Sudan. It is aimed at the local audience of this country.

In addition, these accounts are usually published in Arabic. Topics focused on current affairs and current affairs in Sudan.

Facebook fights unrealistic and coordinated behavior

The company said, “We have worked hard to find and prevent coordinated activities intended to manipulate public discussions of our app. Over the past four years, the company has engaged in counterfeit and coordinated activity that it has discovered and removed from its platform. Behavioral survey results.”

And as part of regularly coordinated reporting of misconduct. The company will share the information on all networks it removes within a month. Here are the numbers for the new network of uncoordinated behavior that Facebook shut down in September:

  •     Facebook account deleted: 759.
  •     Number of deleted pages: 130.
  •     Instagram account deleted: 286.
  •     Number of deleted groups: 84.

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