Facebook wants to denounce intellectual property rights violations
Facebook wants to denounce intellectual property rights violations

Facebook wants to help the company combat unauthorized use of its intellectual property in its apps. It has updated its Intellectual and Commercial Property Promotion Tool, also renamed Trademark Protection, which directly describes its purpose.

Facebook's trademark protection platform allows companies to upload images of their licensed products, which the Facebook system can use as a benchmark to identify similar matches and identify potential usage violations in homepage posts, market listings, etc.

"Trademark Protection enables trademark owners to find and report content they believe infringes their intellectual property rights, and now has features to simplify and automate the process," the company said.

Companies must register their brand certification and credentials with Facebook before they can use the tool to discover matches based on legal ownership.

The most significant update to the platform is the ability to upload and save up to 10 images such as logos or product images for reference when scanning content on Facebook and Instagram.

The brand has not yet been able to register these searches. He can actively search only under certain conditions.

The new update brings more features for consistent tracking and warning and helps IP owners better identify potential violations of their licensed products.

Facebook helps brands detect violations

In addition, the company has expanded the search capabilities of the tool beyond paid advertising. Brands can now find and report Instagram accounts and posts that they believe may be infringing their rights.

This is an important addition. It is very likely that many intellectual property violations will be exposed. It can also extend to unauthorized or unwanted use in positions of influence and other paid partnerships.

The company has also added a new dashboard for global IP actions. Including the status and historical activity reported by its IP.

These extensions give brands more ways to monitor the use of their product images. Dealing with unauthorized cases and fraud. Along with the rights manager, this is the company's copyright disclosure tool for content creators and publishers. It provides better coverage and can identify and fix potential violations before they harm the creators and rights holders of enterprise apps.

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