Google Assistant is getting smarter
Google Assistant is getting smarter

As part of new features expected to be released this fall, Google's new "Quick Phrases" will soon allow users to perform a large number of voice commands without having to say "OK Google" or "Hey Google" first.

"Quick phrases" are appearing on some devices, indicating that a wider range of products will come to market soon. At the same time, the idea behind Quick Sentences is simple: allow people to use short voice commands to respond to common situations while skipping warning words entirely.

The company is investigating the possibility of bypassing the word alert using the Google Assistant smart device, and you can stop the timer by saying “off” after the bell rings.

However, with the following quick sentences, the company is adding a number of new commands to the list.

However, the downside is that if we are only talking about phone calls, the number of supported commands is much more limited as people can only answer incoming calls by saying “accept” or “reject”, or answer calls by saying “say stop” ". or "sleep".

To enable Quick Sentences, just find the Quick Sentences option in the Settings menu of your Android 12 phone, then you can activate Swipes to respond individually to alerts or calls.

However, using Google Assistant smart home devices like the Nest Hub, Nest Audio, and Nest Mini, reports show that you can do more than 15 different things without saying "Hey Google" first.

With Google Quick Phrases, you can skip saying "Hey Google"

The Quick Phrase commands found so far include:

  •     Set the alarm by saying "Set the alarm for 6:00 AM."
  •     Cancel the alarm by saying "Cancel the alarm".
  •     Ask about the time of the alarm by saying, "What time is it set?" "
  •     Set the timer by saying "Set the timer for X minutes".
  •     Control the timer by saying "cancel timer," "stop timer," or "reset timer."
  •     Display the counter by saying "How much time is left?" "
  •     To broadcast an audio broadcast, say, “Send a broadcast.”
  •     Check the weather by saying, "How's the weather?" "
  •     Answer the call by saying "accept" or "decline".
  •     Check the time by saying "What time is it?" "
  •     Control the lights by saying "turn the lights on or off" or "increase or lower the brightness."
  •     Adjust the volume of the music by saying "Volume up or down".
  •     Control the music by saying "Pause or listen to music" or "Skip this song".
  •     Create a reminder by saying "Create a reminder."
  •     Take family notes by saying "Take family notes."

While you may not be able to take full advantage of all the controls, for those who love to cook, the Assistant is a useful tool for setting timers in the kitchen. With the help of quick sentences, we can set the timer and control it more freely.

However, a great test for this feature is how often Google Assistant confuses or incorrectly detects commands, because by skipping warning words, the Assistant needs to more accurately differentiate between normal home language and expected voice commands.

It is not clear when the company will officially release the feature. However, since it is launching on several devices, it is scheduled to be announced before the end of the year.

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