Google bans monetization of content that denies climate change
Google bans monetization of content that denies climate change

Google will no longer allow advertisers, publishers and YouTube content creators to monetize content that denies the existence of climate change. The company detailed the changes in the support document.

"We have announced a new monetization policy for Google advertisers, publishers, and YouTube content creators that prohibits the promotion of content that violates the established scientific consensus about the existence and causes of climate change," the company said.

"It includes content that describes climate change as a fraud or fraud, denies claims that long-term trends indicate global warming, and denies that greenhouse gas emissions or human activity is the root cause of climate change."

The company stated that it uses a combination of automated tools and manual review to enforce the policy. "When evaluating content under this new policy, we will carefully examine the context of the allegations and distinguish between content that treats false statements as fact and content from reports or discussions about the statement," she said.

Advertisements on climate issues are always available, such as public discussions on climate policy, various impacts of climate change, new research, etc.

The increase in actions by climate change deniers marks the second major shift in the company's misinformation policy in recent days. About a week after YouTube banned misinformation about vaccines, new measures have been taken.

Google bans monetization of content that denies climate change

Implementation of the directive will begin next month. It happened after the search giant announced new features designed to help people reduce their carbon footprint.

We work closely with outside experts to review and regularly update our advertising and monetization policies to ensure our advertising partners enjoy a safe brand environment and better protect users from unreliable claims such as fake medical treatments or anti-vaccine advertising.

Advertisers do not want their ads to appear alongside content that makes or encourages inaccurate claims about climate change. Publishers and content creators do not want their web pages or videos to make these claims public.

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