Google Chrome introduces the ability to track RSS on Android
Google Chrome introduces the ability to track RSS on Android

Google now allows you to track websites with a new feature in its mobile browser Google Chrome that allows you to follow your favorite websites in your browser without having to worry about third party services like Feedly.

This feature has a similar effect to following an account on Twitter or Instagram, but you can get content updates in the new tab through your browser.

This feature can be used by anyone with an Android device that has the latest version of Chrome 94, which was released on the Google Play Store in late September.

Earlier this year, Google rolled out this feature in the Canary beta version of its Android browser. A company spokesperson said at the time that it planned to repost the content via an RSS feed to populate the tracking sections for users.

This feature appears in the full list via the stable version of the Android browser. However, since it is still prevalent, you may have to activate it manually.

In the Android browser, you need to type chrome://flags in the link bar to reveal hidden browser settings. Then find the web feed and select the Enable option to open it. The browser offers a restart.

Google Chrome tries to restart RSS

Once you start adding sites, they will appear in the next section every time you open a new tab. However, the more sources you add, the more content you have to track, and each section is divided into its own little section.

This function cannot replace the old traditional RSS feed. However, you can easily keep track of the websites that you visit regularly. In addition, you do not have to deal with the sometimes inconvenient Discover algorithm that collects links to articles based on your activity on Google.

Chrome CTO, Adrian Porter Felt, said on Twitter that iOS users should expect the feature to roll out next year.

Felt writes that it's not clear how many people can use the new features by default. However, you can activate it yourself via hidden browser settings.

This feature does not provide the same benefits as a dedicated RSS reader. Google Reader may not be able to compensate you. But it can be an easy way to follow updates of your favorite website.

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