Google hopes to roll out Fuchsia OS to more devices
Google hopes to roll out Fuchsia OS to more devices

According to some recruitment information, Google is preparing to launch Fuchsia OS on smart devices with different shapes as well as smart screens.

Fuchsia OS is the latest operating system that the search giant launched for first-generation Nest Hub devices earlier this year.

And there's a lot of speculation about the company's Fuchsia OS plan. Unlike Android and Chrome OS, it does not use a Linux kernel, but rather a small kernel called Zircon.

Although the system was launched more than five years ago, the search giant's goals are still a bit vague. When it comes to the Nest Hub, it is practically the same as the previous software.

The new task list provides some pointers to the next evolution of Fuchsia OS. Google now appears to have a team called Fuchsia Devices developing the operating system, which somewhat shows the importance of the software internally.

The job posting states that the team is responsible for ensuring that the Fuchsia OS platform can be successfully deployed in real-world products that impact users across the enterprise.

At the same time, the listing itself shows that the search giant is working hard to bring Fuchsia OS in various forms in other smart devices.

This confirms that in addition to smart displays, new devices for operating systems are also being developed. This is not surprising as it has been reported that Fuchsia OS can power smart speakers.

Google Fuchsia OS plan appears in job ads

He did not mention new forms of equipment. However, there is another feature list (removed) that states that these devices have Chromecast, video conferencing, and machine learning capabilities.

Said Chromecast might be linked to a device that allows you to stream videos from other devices for playback. This is not a dedicated Chromecast device that plugs into the back of the TV.

There is evidence that Fuchsia OS may work or interact with non-research giants. The company needs someone to make sure that Fuchsia OS delivers maximum value to partners and products based on Fuchsia OS.

Google has long worked with partners to bring its software to devices you don't own. Previously, he worked with companies such as JBL and Lenovo to develop smart displays.

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