Google TV gives each family member their own account
Google TV gives each family member their own account

Google has released a new update to its Android Smart TV platform that powers Chromecast and some smart TVs from companies like Sony and TCL to make it more useful for everyone in the house.

The Smart TV platform previously supported the ability to sign in to multiple Google accounts so that multiple accounts could be used to use the service. However, content suggestions, watchlist functionality, and Google Assistant functionality are all based on the activities of the primary account holder.

The update was released today. The biggest change you'll see is adding an account that allows each member of your family to add their own account for more personalized content recommendations, access to their personal watchlist, and more. Answer.

Since your Smart TV Platform account is linked to your Google account, the app and login information will be imported automatically. Therefore, you do not have to enter all the credentials manually one by one.

When you're not watching TV, you can keep track of the weather, news, sporting events, and more by adding a map to Google TV's Ambient Mode (which appears after the TV has stopped working for a few minutes). .

This information is presented through a map-based user interface so that you can switch between maps using the remote control.

You can play podcasts, music, and photos in your Google Photos library directly from the surrounding Google TV screen. You don't have to dive into the smart TV system itself.

New personal account on Google TV

In addition to the new virtual remote control function that will be available through the Google Home app. The company has also added support for online TV company Philo to the Live TV tab built into the smart TV platform.

This will allow you to browse programs that are currently on air from the main Google TV interface. The Philo app itself does not have to be opened.

With Philo, the Smart TV platform now supports three different live services in the Live TV tab. With YouTube TV support at launch, Sling TV integration was added earlier this year.

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