Has Apple wronged app developers?
Has Apple wronged app developers?

In the past few weeks, there have been an increasing number of reports and opinions about Apple and the behavior of app developers. Especially after a legal battle between her and Epic Games. It started after Apple banned Fortnite games because they allowed third-party payments.

For the first time in a while, the responsible court in the United States has ruled in the case. According to his ruling, Apple will have to make major changes to the App Store, and Epic Games will not be able to offer Fortnite on iPhone and iPad computers.

There is no doubt that the event garnered some media coverage and commentary. As expected, not all media commented on this topic.

Each user can express their own opinion when answering the question “Does Apple complain about application developers?” In fact, Apple has officially announced plans to make major changes to the App Store, which was forced to do so after a court ruling.

But on the other hand, the interpretation of the term "big change" is very relative. But even though Apple paid developers $100 million, which is a lot for most people, Apple generated $21.7 billion in revenue in the last quarter alone.

Has Apple wronged app developers?

Apple charges a 30% fee for all payments and sales made through the App Store platform. In fact, it is one of its most important "services". The start of game development was an example of the impact of the crash. Imagine if a company we call X develops a great game and spends millions of dollars in the development process to create the final product.

Now the company needs to recoup its investment, and Apple took 30% of its profits here to fight it. Apple only gets this percentage because they provide and see this platform, which is the App Store platform.

The last point leads us completely to the other side. Apple is entitled to all these percentages because without them the company would not be able to distribute its games to millions of users as there are more than a billion active iPhones and of course iPads worldwide.

Soon, the new law will force the Cupertino giant to allow other payment methods in apps and games. This is probably another way she can think of to enjoy the apps and games you host and reach millions of people.

If Apple makes it clear that it "doesn't stop" developers trying to promote third-party payment methods when third-party payment methods are available, Apple could be pretty stubborn. This has been criticized by many developers and on the other hand by the proponents of the issue.

No one can deny that the issue got there, having been associated with the idea of ​​a "monopoly". It is an idea rejected by all parties. However, the course of business development is not affected. Otherwise, the US court will require Apple to provide third-party stores on iOS.

No doubt the company saw that they were not oppressing the developers, on the other hand, the developers saw that they were being oppressed. For regular users, especially those who are not into the technical field, most of them are not interested in college. You can still use the App Store's integrated payment system.

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