Important tips to enjoy the current Xbox generation
Important tips to enjoy the current Xbox generation

The current Xbox consists of two different devices in terms of performance and performance, the first one called Series X which is the most powerful. The second device is called the S series, which is considered weaker in terms of performance and hardware, but at a lower price.

Both devices are easily available in most of the official stores, but sometimes Xbox Series X has issues with missing components and available hardware.

Microsoft offers many different features in its new devices and systems, but some of these features are hidden.

Use the capabilities of the current generation of Xbox

The difference between the two current Xbox consoles is in the hardware strength, the X series can produce 4K images and a better frame rate.

The X Series also has more storage space as it comes with 1TB of Blu-ray disc storage.

The S-series hardware finishes off with a 1440p resolution and 120fps gaming frame rate, but the device doesn't display more than 1080p for movies.

You need to subscribe to the premium Microsoft GamePass service that offers you a large number of games.

You can also sign up for Full Access, which gives you a low-cost subscription to all of the platform's services.

You can connect an external hard drive to two devices, either from Microsoft or a third party.

Your current Xbox can't play new games from external drives because they must be stored on the device's drive. However, these devices can run next-generation games through external hard drives with backward compatibility.

The current generation of Microsoft devices does not support the use of the Kinect because Microsoft has completely discontinued support. Therefore, you cannot play games that support this device on the current generation of Microsoft devices and you will need an older generation.

There is no obvious difference between the joysticks on the two devices and you can use the old joysticks on these two devices.

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