Instagram adds tools to help creators
Instagram adds tools to help creators

Instagram is testing new monetization options for content creators to help its most popular users increase their revenue potential from branded content.

The first is the new Partnerships message folder in Private Messages, an area dedicated to keeping track of sponsored content.

In addition to the "Basic", "General" and "Request" folders, the platform is also testing the new "Partner Letter" area of ​​the inbox.

These messages are filtered through Facebook's Collabs Brand Manager platform or new brand search options, making it easier to connect with YouTubers who follow their brand accounts or express a willingness to collaborate.

This also means that all brands that communicate through this volume will adhere to the Partner Monetization Policy as a prerequisite for using the new communication tool.

The platform is also testing a new digital storefront option for creators participating in their affiliate program. This gives individual creators another way to promote sponsored products in public.

Content creators are now essentially able to create their own stores for the products they recommend. This provides more brand visibility and more revenue sharing options for content creators.

This option allows brands to access the active communities of these users. This option is currently being tested with US creators participating in the platform's original affiliate program.

Instagram wants to expand partnerships with branded content

In addition, the platform has also introduced ads for branded content from Reels, which is another step in monetizing short video formats.

"We brought branded content to Reels earlier this year," Instagram said. We are now posting ads for branded content on reels.

This selection is very similar to the Reels Products Platform's branded content label. But use the 'Sponsored' label instead of 'Paid Partnership'.

This makes the brand better able to foster collaboration with reels content creators.

If traditional ads can't get the same response in your short video feed, scrolling is a real way to get involved.

More importantly, the platform also has the ability to increase feed and story engagement in ads. It does this by being able to promote branded content.

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