Instagram is abandoning the IGTV brand
Instagram is abandoning the IGTV brand

Instagram is one step closer to its larger goal of making video an essential part of its experience because it now combines long-format IGTV video with dynamic video in a new format called Instagram video.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently said it's no longer a photo-sharing app, noting that in the face of fierce competition from YouTube and TikTok, the company is prioritizing the transition to video.

The longer and shorter videos can be found in the user's account under the new "Videos" tab.

When people come across a video on the platform, they can click anywhere in the video at the same time to go to the full screen view.

After watching, you can scroll down to see more video content of the creator or click the Back button to exit.

If the user chooses to scroll, these changes will not affect how the reels are handled by the platform; These reels will remain independent and will not be incorporated into this video source.

Prior to this change, IGTV was declining as a stand-alone product and brand. In early 2020, due to lack of interest, the platform removed the orange IGTV button from the homepage.

In fact, only 7 million out of a billion users of the platform have downloaded the standalone IGTV app.

Instagram aims to provide a simpler video experience

The platform explained its decision to remove the button, saying that most of its users found IGTV content through shared previews in streams and crawls.

But IGTV's existence as a standalone product has created chaos and confusion in its main application. Failed to attract large number of downloads.

However, the IGTV app is not canceled. It is now being renamed Instagram Video and contains sponsored content from Instagram Video and Instagram Live Videos. But there are no hosted reel videos.

Users can still download videos as before. By clicking on the (+) sign in the upper right corner of the platform's home page and selecting the "Publish" option. Videos can be up to 60 minutes long.

The platform also adds new features such as filters, people, and location tags as part of the updated download experience.

Longer videos that may have been previously tagged as IGTV videos will continue to stream for 60 seconds. However, if the video is suitable for displaying ads, the preview will last for 15 seconds as before.

With these changes, an IGTV ad is now referred to as an in-stream video ad. Content creators can still monetize longer videos. Brands can also use this format.

These videos are still part of the Instagram earnings sharing test with YouTube users. Creators can also post videos through stories and share them via direct messages.

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