Lenovo is developing a portable gaming device called Legion Play
Lenovo is developing a portable gaming device called Legion Play

Gamers always need equipment that they can use to play games anytime and anywhere. This is different from home gaming platforms like Xbox and Playstation, which require screen and power to play. In addition to solutions such as the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, it appears that Lenovo is developing a new device for this market segment.

This is where the leaks on a portable gaming device called the Lenovo Legion Play have taken place. It can be seen that it is a Legion branded product. However, this device differs from the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck in that it is specifically aimed at gamers on smartphone platforms.

The new device comes with Android, which means that the games that users can play are usually those that can be played on Android phones including CoD, PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact and many more.

The device was spotted from Lenovo's official website and it looks like the company is planning to announce it soon, but there were leaks before that. These images appeared on Lenovo's websites in Japan and Germany, but they were hidden.

It is clear that Lenovo plans to launch a new gaming device at the Lenovo World Mobile Communications 2021 conference, but the conference did not mention the device, which means that the device has been postponed.

Lenovo develops a portable gaming device

All this information can be accessed through hidden pages on the official Lenovo website. The product description states that it is also suitable for large AAA games on home consoles. This is because the device supports playback through cloud gaming features and services (such as PS Now, xCloud, NVIDIA GeForce Now, etc.).

The specifications of the device include a 16:9 display that supports HDR 10 technology and a huge battery of 7000 mAh. In addition, Lenovo also mentioned that the device does not have a large bezel, but the photo shows the opposite.

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