Luna Display turns your iPad into an extra Windows screen
Luna Display turns your iPad into an extra Windows screen

AstroPad's Luna Display turns the iPad's display into an additional display for Mac computers, similar to Apple's SideCar functionality.

The company added support for Windows devices with the latest available update for Windows 10 (1809) and iPadOS 12.1.

Therefore, these operating systems and their updates must be running on your device in order for you to use the new functions.

The device also allows you to use the Apple Pencil on the iPad screen without the need for a digital drawing pad.

AstroPad's new peripherals have two types of connectors that you can get with either the HDMI or USB-C ports.

Owners of older versions of the device can also update to the new system and use it with their Windows 10 devices without any problems.

Use Luna Display Terminal on iPad and Windows 10

The terminal is very easy to use as you can buy all versions on its official website for about $130.

When you get the device, all you have to do is install it on your computer and install the launcher app, then connect your iPad and Windows computer to the same internet.

Alternatively, you can connect the iPad to a Windows PC using the USB port on the Luna Display.

This is the case when you don't want to use the wireless internet connection between two devices at the same time, or when you have network connection problems.

Luna Display Terminal supports the iPad's touch screen, and the Apple Pencil also supports drawing directly on the screen.

The idea of ​​​​the Luna screen and the beginning of its appearance

You'd think the idea for Luna Display was a bit repetitive as Apple introduced SideCar, which offers the same functionality as the Catalina system.

In fact, however, the Luna display technology appeared about two years before the idea of ​​Apple, and then the war between Apple and AstroPad began.

Luna Display has already started its journey as a special and exclusive terminal for MacBooks, but its new update allows it to be used with Windows PCs.

Terminal will still work on Mac computers where you can use it in place of Sidecar to turn your iPad into a display.

This terminal is the only physical solution that does not depend on your Apple account or your device's Internet connection.

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