Microsoft fixes AMD processor issues in Windows 11
Microsoft fixes AMD processor issues in Windows 11

Microsoft has released a new update for Windows 11 that addresses some performance issues with AMD processors.

AMD and Microsoft discovered two issues with Windows 11 on Ryzen processors at the time of publication. One issue tripled level 3 cache latency and reduced performance by up to 15% in some games.

The company is now using Windows 11 Build 2200.282 to address this specific issue, which is available to all Windows 11 users as an optional Windows Update.

While the recent Windows 11 update exacerbated these issues, the current patch is expected to address these issues in terms of L3 cache response times.

The second unresolved issue concerns AMD's preferred core technology, which makes threads the fastest cores in the processor. It can improve the performance of Ryzen processors.

AMD said that the second bug can affect the performance of CPU-intensive tasks. AMD has released a new chipset driver for its processor, version

Microsoft released a fix for Ryzen slowdown

Even if your system is not affected by this specific error because you are using Windows 10 or a Ryzen processor with fewer cores, the new driver also fixes other Ryzen and Threadripper systems running Windows 10 or Windows 11.

The new Windows 11 update also contains several fixes, including fixes that prevent the Start menu from opening and prevent you from seeing the updated taskbar after upgrading the operating system.

Input delay has been fixed on some Bluetooth keyboards and mice. The problem is that the search window does not appear on the secondary screen. On top of the problem, some apps are running slower than usual after upgrading to Windows 11.

A complete list of the fixes that are part of this fix is ​​available on the company's website.

It's surprising to see these issues with Windows 11, especially since Microsoft limits the number of processors the new operating system can support.

Bugs always occur with new versions of the operating system. However, this apparent effect on processor performance has yet to be discovered during several months of public beta testing.

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