Microsoft is making it easier to repair their devices
Microsoft is making it easier to repair their devices

Grest said Microsoft has agreed to conduct independent third-party research into the potential impact of facilitating repair of its devices and make changes based on those findings by the end of 2022.

The company promises to make it easier for customers to repair the products it has sold in the near future. The company is also studying the environmental impact of maintenance fees and is working to finalize the survey results by the end of next year.

This decision follows a proposed shareholder resolution in June 2021 calling on the company to seriously consider its environmental impact in order to move forward with overhauling its products.

Shareholders are working with As You Sow, a nonprofit organization that specializes in protecting shareholder rights, to help them put pressure on the company.

The deal was reached after "As You Sow" submitted a shareholder resolution calling on the company to consider the potential impact of providing relief to the consumer when repairing equipment.

You Sow also withdrew its decision in exchange for the company doing the research and handing over more parts and documentation to unofficial repair shops based on the research.

You also described Microsoft's participation as an encouraging step. But we must not forget that this is only one step. The company conducted a study and then used it as a guide for product design and planning for expanding device repair options.

Microsoft is committed to finding and repairing rights

The fact that the company is willing to do so is encouraging, and it has done more to reform rights than other tech giants. But without the details, it's hard to quantify the effect.

The Company is committed to assessing the environmental and social impacts associated with increasing consumer access to repair options and identifying new mechanisms to improve repair opportunities. Including Surface devices and Xbox game consoles. At the same time, the availability of some spare parts and documents outside the company's network of authorized service providers will be expanded. Introducing a new mechanism to enable and enhance customer local maintenance options.

The human rights reform movement achieved several major victories over the past year. People want to fix their things. Business and politics make it easier on themselves.

The European Union has begun to standardize chargers for mobile phones. Biden's latest decree paved the way for the right to reform. The FCC is officially taking the position that people should be able to fix their own stuff.

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