Microsoft turned WSL into a Windows 11 app
Microsoft turned WSL into a Windows 11 app

Microsoft has turned the Windows subsystem for Linux WSL into an application that you can easily download and install from the App Store using Windows 11.

WSL is a compatibility layer that implicitly runs Linux executable binaries in Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server 2019.

In May 2019, WSL 2 was released, which introduced major changes as a true Linux kernel via a subset of Hyper-V functionality.

WSL allows developers to run the GNU/Linux environment (including most command line tools, utilities, and applications) directly from Windows without making changes, virtual machines, or dual-boot settings.

A preview version of the app is now available that allows Windows 11 users to install WSL without adding or removing programs and to choose WSL as an optional component of Windows.

This separate app is now available through the Store, which means the company can update WSL independently of Windows. This allows WSL users to get the latest updates and features from WSL faster without having to change their version of Windows.

Although no new changes have been made to this version of the Store app, this means that future updates can be offered without waiting for a larger version or Windows Update.

The company used Windows 10 last year to enable Linux GUI apps for developers.

Therefore, Wayland X11-based graphical Linux applications can now be used. In the future, these functions will be available immediately in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft offers Linux integration with Windows in its Store

The new Store apps only seem to work on Windows 11. The company didn't mention Windows 10 in its blog post, which suggests that you need to update to take advantage of Microsoft Store apps.

However, this is good news for Windows 11 users, especially those who work in a corporate environment, where it takes longer to get the latest version of Windows.

In addition, the company continues to support optional component versions of WSL. This way you can do it side by side. It is also designed to bring Windows 11 users to the Microsoft Store version.

"Our goal is to make WSL on the Microsoft Store the best way to install and use WSL," the company said. You can use this path to get the latest updates faster. In the long run, we want WSL users to be able to use the Store version.

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