Other allegations surfaced against Facebook
Other allegations surfaced against Facebook

The second whistleblower report against Facebook has raised a number of new allegations about the social media platform's functioning.

A new affidavit from a former Facebook employee claims growth and profits will be rewarded in combating hate speech, fake news and other threats against the public.

The allegations echo several allegations made by former Facebook employee Francis Hogan, who testified before Congress this month and both sides called on the federal government to take action against the company.

The Washington Post first reported that this person was a former member of the company's integrity team and said the company was investing profits in efforts to combat hate speech and disinformation across the platform.

In the affidavit, the whistleblower alleged, among other things, that a former communications employee of the company had refuted concerns about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The company reportedly tried to quell political debate at a critical time in 2017. "Some lawmakers may be upset," said Tucker Bounds, the company's director of communications. But after a few weeks they switched to other things. When we make money again.

"I was weird when I asked about a face-to-face meeting with a stranger four years ago," Ponzi, now vice president of communications, told the newspaper.

Facebook allows illegal activities to go unchecked

Facebook spokeswoman Erin McPeak said in a statement: "This is a failure of the Washington Post. It has competed fiercely with the New York Times for the past five years because its reporters can find personal stories. How many conclusive sources of information."

She added, "It sets a dangerous precedent that places the entire story on a single source, and this source makes sweeping claims without clear support." We are a company and we make money. However, the idea that we have done this at the expense of people's safety or well-being has misunderstood our business interests.

Bounds' words represent the general position within the company regarding problematic content across the platform. Including illegal activity on Facebook groups.

The affidavit also states that Facebook officials often undermine efforts to combat fake news, hate speech, and other problematic content. The reason for this was the fear of angering then-President Donald Trump and his political allies. Or because of concerns that may hinder the growth of Facebook users and billions of profits.

The affidavit claims that the company's general statements differ from internal decisions made in other areas.

They say the Internet.org project connects people in developing countries and their inside information indicates that the goal is to start a business. It also becomes the only source of information so you can collect data on lagging markets.

The former employee argued that the company's management. Including CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Shirley Sandberg. Recognizing the seriousness of the company's internal problems. However, they did not report in the SEC filings available to investors.

The complaint also criticized Facebook for failing to take sufficient action to remove evidence that Myanmar military officials used the platform to spread hate speech during the mass killing of the Rohingya minority.

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