AlkiVision C2 WiFi Waterproof 1080p HD Outdoor Security Camera
 AlkiVision C2 WiFi Waterproof 1080p HD Outdoor Security Camera

AlkiVision C2 Wireless Outdoor WiFi Security Camera 1080p HD Video Rechargeable Battery Powered Night Vision Motion Detection Security Surveillance Camera 2 SD Card Slots

IP65 weatherproof

This security camera is designed to withstand heavy rain, snow, storms and other extreme weather conditions. Protect your home 24 hours a day.

clear day and night

Even in the dark, the outdoor surveillance camera can record full HD live videos with infrared light and provide 1080P HD picture feedback and video playback.

1080P HD photos and videos

This outdoor security camera features a Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution, so you can enjoy clearer video viewing and recording than 720p security cameras.

Long battery life and 100% wireless connectivity

The surveillance camera with rechargeable battery can be used for 1-6 months after fully charged. Cordless and wireless, so you can set it up indoors and outdoors without worrying about the hassles of wires.

not included

The wireless charging surveillance camera for outdoor use is equipped with a viewing angle of 130 degrees.

Intelligent motion detection and alarm

The wireless security camera system has a smart PIR motion detection function that can protect your home around the clock and issue real-time warnings via the adarcam mobile app.

Shared by multiple family members

Wireless security camera allows multiple users to view the camera and previous video recordings.

Two-way audio

This home security camera system allows you to listen and respond to the built-in speaker and microphone operating directly from the microphone of your iPhone or Android.

AlkiVision C2 WiFi Waterproof 1080p HD Outdoor Security Camera
 AlkiVision C2 WiFi Waterproof 1080p HD Outdoor Security Camera

  •      1080P HD picture quality, infrared night vision: 130 degree wide angle, 1080P video and photos. The security camera automatically adapts to the surrounding light and provides a wide and clear video of any area you want to monitor day and night. With Adorcam mobile app, you can access live or recorded videos from anywhere.
  •     Intelligent Motion Detection: This rechargeable security camera is equipped with night vision and advanced passive infrared motion detection. The passive infrared sensor can send notifications to your smartphone (Android or iPhone) when it detects movement, providing a faster response speed and a higher level of security.
  •     EASY TO INSTALL AND CONFIG, WEATHERPROOF: The battery powered outdoor wireless security camera is easy to install and can be installed almost anywhere with sturdy bracket and screws. Withstands rain and temperatures from -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and protects your home from rain or sunlight.
  •     COMPATIBLE WITH TWO-WAY AUDIO AND SHARE WITH MULTIPLE FAMILIES: Use our wireless security camera outdoors to view real-time information and listen to or talk to visitors in real time. Surveillance and security cameras also allow multiple users to watch videos at the same time, so you can share home security cameras with your family and friends for added security.
  •     RECHARGEABLE BATTERY AND OPTIONAL SD CARD STORAGE: This security camera is equipped with a long-lasting battery that can last for 1-6 months after fully charged. (Note: Fully charged the first time you use it) The WiFi camera is protected for 24 continuous hours to keep your home safe. The local storage method can protect your security and privacy from hackers and is a cheaper storage method.

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