AUGEX Two Vibration Stereo Headset Jack PS4 Controller
AUGEX Two Vibration Stereo Headset Jack PS4 Controller

AUGEX Remote Controller Compatible with P-4 Controller, Wireless Controller Compatible with P-4, with Two Ports Vibration/Stereo Headphone/Touchscreen, Compatible with P-4/Slim/Pro Controller (Silver)

  •  ♜ THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS - EFFECTIVE CHARGING: This wireless controller is easy to charge, even in standby mode or with any standard micro USB port charger.
  • ♜ Precision Controls: The feel, shape, and sensitivity of the analog joystick and play button have been improved so that gamers have absolute control over all games and ongoing software update services.
  • Enhanced Analog Joystick: An improved analog joystick and trigger can achieve unparalleled precision in every movement.
  • ♜ Convenient Sharing: After adding the share button, you can share the most exciting game moments with just one click of the button, download game videos and screenshots directly from your system or without interrupting the game in progress, live the game conditions.
  • New Ways to Play: Revolutionary functions such as the touchpad, integrated light bar and built-in speakers ensure new and exciting gaming experiences and interactive modes. The 3.5mm audio jack is for those who want to listen to their games privately.

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