ESICOO WiFi Smart Plug Compatible with Alexa Echo Google
ESICOO WiFi Smart Plug Compatible with Alexa Echo Google

ESICOO Smart Plug ESC-001-0015-Certified A Plug Compatible with Alexa, Echo and Google Home-WiFi 2.4G only

 Smart WiFi

Esicoo Wi-Fi Smart Plug uses home Wi-Fi networks and smartphones to enable wireless control of devices.

No hub or smart app remote required

Just with the Cloud Intelligence app, you can turn devices on and off, set schedules and count down from anywhere and on any network.

Voice commands for Home Assistant

It works perfectly with Alexa and Google Home, a hands-free smart home.

Wireless control anytime and anywhere

Once the Cloud Intelligence app is configured with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, you can wirelessly control your home devices from anywhere using your 3G/4G/Wi-Fi network. No hub required, just keep the smart socket within WiFi range.

Voice-assisted voice control

If you use the Cloud Intelligence app to sync with Alexa and Google Home, the Esccoo Smart Plug provides hands-free voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home to turn lights, appliances, or a group of your devices in the home on and off. Just give a command with your voice and you'll get what you want: "Alexa, turn on the light."

Programming the timer and countdown in the application

Cloud Intelligence app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Set the timer and countdown timer in the APP, turn on/off the fan, coffee maker and light at the preset time, farewell to manually pressing the switch several times. When you add a web applet or IFTTT app, you can do amazing things with your computer and mobile phone.

Smart home scene mode

Esicoo Smart Plug allows you to create scene modes and automatically turn on/off your home appliances at sunrise/sunset before you leave or come home. Add your fan to the scene programming list because even if you sleep, it will turn on automatically when the temperature is high. Manage your home smarter and more efficiently.

Hardware sets make the family sparkle

Mixed appliances can light up your entire room. Add lighting for your bedroom or living room to a suite, which you can plan and manage in the Smart Life app and Alexa. As long as Alexa hears your commands, you can also turn the living room lights on and off in the bedroom.

Amazing memories and vacations

Just swipe your finger or tell Alexa you can start your vacation and smartly plan your surprise at a specific time. Show your enthusiasm and worship those whom you wish to give your inner warmth.

ESICOO WiFi Smart Plug Compatible with Alexa Echo Google
ESICOO WiFi Smart Plug Compatible with Alexa Echo Google

  •  Smart Remote Control: The Smart Plug works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to help you manage your home appliances through voice control. Only with the smart cloud app you can control home appliances remotely and intelligently via your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Timer function: Use the smart plug to set a specific time and turn on/off your home appliances automatically and intelligently. You can set up the air conditioning in your home and adjust the lighting before you go home.
  • Easy to install and use: This smart plug connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi (2.4GHz only). No hub or subscription required. Simply plug it into the wall socket and plug any of the devices into the smart socket and you can wirelessly control your home appliances anytime and anywhere.
  • Energy saving and safety: The smart plug has a practical timing function that securely protects the appliance, protects the appliance from overload and overheating, and reduces power consumption.
  • Wide range of applications: Smart plugs can be used in all household appliances such as light bulbs, electric ovens, toasters, fans, air conditioners, coffee grinders, etc. The strong signal ensures the connection between the network and the socket.

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