hornbill Smart Lock Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door Lock
hornbill Smart Lock Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door Lock

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Your cell phone is your key

App Lock and Unlock (TTLock), you can also share the electronic key with your family, they can download the same app and use their cell phone to unlock your lock.

Share the access password according to your needs

The lock can store more than 300 passwords. Between permanent, temporary, recurring and personal codes, you can create the right code for you!

Most tokens can be generated remotely, except for custom ones! The custom token requires that a remote G2 gateway be created.

Auto lock!

Did you forget to close the door when you got out? Don't worry, auto lock will lock it for you.

Don't you want him to lock you up behind you? We've given you a guarantee that Passport Mode will be able to seamlessly in and out at the time of your choosing! (unless the lock is locked with a handle or key)

Suitable for audio devices

When using your lock with the Hornbill G2 Gateway (sold separately), you can instruct your audio device to lock or unlock your lock.

Control your lock remotely

If your lock is used with the Hornbill G2 Gateway (sold separately), you can lock or unlock the Smart Lock anytime, anywhere and the door is suitable for 2.4GHz WiFi only.

Access management and activity control!

When your lock is paired with the Hornbill G2 Gateway (sold separately), you'll receive an instant notification when someone unlocks your Smart Lock. When your child comes home from school, you will always be notified.

Low power usage

4 AA batteries (not included), can work for a year without worrying about batteries, learn to enjoy the convenience!

urgently open

When Smart Lock runs out, use a 9V battery to unlock it.

Be prepared for any weather

Smart Lock is weatherproof according to IP65 and can withstand high and low temperatures (-4 158 ℉)

hornbill Smart Lock Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door Lock
hornbill Smart Lock Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door Lock

  •  Voice Control: Add Hornbill Wi-Fi (sold separately) to unlock and monitor doors remotely, and enable voice control in conjunction with Alexa.
  • Longer service life and more reliable: The front and back of this smart digital door lock are made of zinc alloy, which is shockproof and suitable for harsh environments. (Water resistance class: IP65; Operating temperature range: -20 50 ℃)
  • Keyless Entry Door Lock: Use your smartphone, keypad and mechanical key to lock and unlock. Control keyless entry and keep track of who comes and goes - all from your phone. You will feel comfortable knowing the condition of the door.
  • Control everyone's access: Give access for weeks, hours, minutes and cancel if necessary. as you like. Offer temporary tokens to guests, visitors, housekeepers, or employees. Stop worrying about lost, stolen or copied keys.
  • KEEP YOUR HOME SAFE: It locks automatically when you leave. Front Door Smart Lock is configured to provide additional security for your home with an automatic lock (5 to 120 seconds, customizable) to keep your home safe. If the wrong password is entered 5 times, Smart Lock will be automatically locked for 5 minutes.
  • Easy DIY Installation: Install with a screwdriver and drill for about 30 minutes and follow the instructions to install the smart door lock easily. Compatible with wood exterior doors, the remote control fits most standard wood doors (door thickness 1.49" to 1.88").
  • Smart Reminder: Smart Lock or APP reminds you to replace the battery. If the Smart Keyless Lock battery charge is low, Smart Lock will sound an alarm or you can check the battery performance in the app. You can use a 9V battery to temporarily charge the keyless door lock.

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