ieGeek Solar Powered WiFi Security Camera with Pan
ieGeek Solar Powered WiFi Security Camera with Pan

Solar Outdoor Surveillance Camera 360 Degree Solar Security Outdoor Security Camera Geek Wifi Security Camera with 355° to 120° Tilt 15000mAh 1080P PIR Motion Detection Two-way Communication, IP65

Horizontal and vertical rotation of the remote control

  •     Remote control support for camera rotation using the PTZ function in the APP. You can move the camera left and right / up and down.
  •     4x digital zoom only, no optical zoom. The sight of the lens can be enlarged, but the focus is reduced. This is sufficient for daily monitoring.

Vision 1080P Full HD 49 feet

  •     1/3 CMOS 1080P color sensor and 3.6mm lens ensure all-day high definition 1080p viewing experience.
  •     iGeek wireless camera has 4 infrared LEDs with night vision range up to 20m, you can see everything clearly even in the dark.

10 levels of infrared passive motion detection

  •     Equipped with PIR motion sensor and adjust motion detection mode, you will no longer be disturbed by false alarms caused by rain, insects, leaves, etc. Just remember when people or animals appear.
  •     The PIR motion sensor reacts more sensitively to left-to-right movements than movements directly towards the surveillance camera.

Dual 2.4GHz 4dBi Wi-Fi Antenna

  •     IeGeek Outdoor Security Camera WiFi Antenna Module provides more stable network connection and longer range, which greatly reduces the problem of poor connection.
  •     The recommended distance between the camera and the router is up to 50 metres. The thickness of the wall also affects the signal strength.

Two-way audio

  •     The ieGeek outdoor camera's built-in microphone and speaker system enables clear two-way audio communication. Talk to anyone in front of the camera in real time; NS. With family, friends and hackers.
  •     Press the "Player" button to stream in real time.
  •     Press and hold the intercom button to speak.

Access control for multiple users

  •     CloudEdge app supports simultaneous access for multiple users on different devices and different regions.
  •     Supports real-time monitoring of four different types of devices.
  •     Note: Only devices using the "CloudEdge" app are supported.
ieGeek Solar Powered WiFi Security Camera with Pan
ieGeek Solar Powered WiFi Security Camera with Pan

  •  🏃‍♂️🚨 [Rotating PTZ Camera & RIP Geek Motion Sensing Wireless Security Camera can easily control your 4x digital zoom camera via “CloudEdge” APP, 355° pan and 120° tilt). The improved AI algorithm for RIP motion detection improves the human body recognition ability and reduces false alarms. You can customize the alarm schedule / set the alarm sensitivity level 10 / receive alarm notifications in a timely manner through the application.
  • 🌞🔋 Rechargeable Solar Battery & 15,000mAh Are you worried about running out of battery? Do I often have to remove the camera to charge it? Did you miss an important shot because the camera was dead? It's time to try the ieGeek solar security camera! This security camera is equipped with a monocrystalline silicon solar panel that provides an efficient and stable power supply.
  • 🦉🖼️ [ieGeek 1080P Full HD Night Vision 50ft IP65 Weatherproof Home Surveillance Camera Equipped with an updated HiSilicon chip and 1/3 CMOS color sensor, no matter what the weather conditions, it can output Full HD 1080P photos and videos. 4 infrared lights automatically detect the surrounding light and switch to night vision mode, the night vision distance can be up to 15 meters.
  • 📡🗣️ [4dbi Dual Antenna & Two Way Talk] Geek Solar Security Camera only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, and the 4dbi dual antenna makes Wi-Fi more stable and wider. CloudEdge app with signal diagnostics can help you choose the best installation location. Built-in microphone and radio, real-time two-way audio function allows you to talk to the person in front of the camera through the app.
  • 📥☁️ [100% Wireless Cloud / SD Card Storage The Geek Wireless Outdoor Security Camera doesn't need to be connected to a power cord or network cable, just mount it on the wall and use it. With 3M USB cable, installation is more flexible and convenient. Supports SD card storage (maximum 128GB, not included) and free trial

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