LE Smart Plug WiFi Socket Outlet Works with Alexa Google
LE Smart Plug WiFi Socket Outlet Works with Alexa Google

LE 905001-US-4 Smart Plug WiFi Smart Plug WiFi port Can be used with Alexa and Google Assistant Use apps and voice commands to control your device remotely No hub WiFi 2.4GHz only (4 per package)

Remote control anytime and anywhere

With the free "Lepro LampUX" application on your smartphone or tablet, you can check the real-time status of home appliances and turn them on and off anytime and anywhere.

Set timer and schedule

This app allows you to create timers and schedules to automatically turn your electronic devices on and off. Welcome the era of smart living and saving electricity costs.

Create a group for multiple devices

You can program multiple devices in a group so that you can control all devices with just one tap on your phone. For example, set the "Outdoors" scene in the app to turn off all lights.

Works with Alexa and Google Home

Using voice commands, you can turn on the lights without getting up, or turn off electrical appliances in the room when you're busy.

Enjoy a comfortable life

The LampUX app lets you add up to 50 smart sockets to keep track of connected devices like lights, fans, water heaters and coffee makers and turn them on before you get home or after your flight.

Sharing control with the family

You can share the device with other accounts in the house so they can also control the Smart Plug. Practical and adorable little plug makes every day happy.

LE Smart Plug WiFi Socket Outlet Works with Alexa Google
LE Smart Plug WiFi Socket Outlet Works with Alexa Google

  •  Voice Control: Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, turn on/off your home appliances with simple voice commands. No hub or wire required.
  • Remote Control: Manage your device anytime and anywhere from the mobile phone. For example, on your way home, turn on the air purifier and turn off the lights below if you are already in bed.
  • Define everyday life: Smart plugs allow you to set timers or create schedules for electronics. You can manage up to 50 devices, one device per smart plug.
  • Save on Electricity: Forgot to turn off the humidifier? Smart plugs can help you turn your electrical appliances on and off, avoid wasting power in standby mode, reduce power consumption and extend product life.
  • Easy installation: Just plug the device into the WLAN port and use the "Lepro LampUX" app to connect to the WLAN. Lepro Smart Plug supports friendly customer support and we are ready to help you solve any technical issue.

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