Marada Adjustable Racing Simulator Cockpit with Large Round Tube Stand
Marada Adjustable Racing Simulator Cockpit with Large Round Tube Stand

Marada Racing Simulator Adjustable Cockpit with Large Round Tube Bracket for Logitech G25 G27 G920 G29 Thrustmaster Tx 458 T500 RS T300RS T300 Ferrari (With Black Seats)

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According to the ergonomic design principle, the main structure is a large round tube. Smooth lines, welded and smooth surface, colorful atmosphere, red fashion comes with more comfortable cushions. Its surface is not easy to rust and fade, and it is also easy to clean which gives a better experience for those who love to clean. This steering wheel mount is suitable for Logitech G25, G27, G920, G29, Thrustmaster Tx 458, T500 RS, T300RS, T300 Ferrari and supports DIY and drilling technology.

pedal platform

The pedal platform can be adjusted to a certain angle for a more comfortable feel.

steering wheel platform

The upper and lower nuts of the steering wheel platform can be adjusted between 0° and 30° so that the customer can adjust to the most comfortable position.

Double slider lock mode

The seat attachments are double locking, dual slip and have mounting holes on the left and right side. The upper handle can adjust the inclination of the front and rear seat to the most comfortable state.

adjustable back

Adjust the pedal angle, parking height, steering wheel height and tilt angle according to your own needs. It is not necessary to adjust the angle of the seat. The seat back adjustment angle is 60° to 135° and the shift lever is adjusted to the left and right.

left side view

The left view shows our all-black two-seater sliding easel. The stand is made of smooth round tube with smooth lines to avoid vibration instability. The stand is made of 50mm diameter round tube, which is very sturdy and reliable quality. Bolts and screws are 8.8 high strength industrial galvanized products that are not easy to rust. The seat is memory foam with a heavy metal back inside that does not contain formaldehyde. The metal footrest makes the player more stable and safe during the gaming experience.

front view

In the front view, we see that our double sliding seat is largely coordinated with the support of the large circular tube and the height and width can be adjusted on the left and right, which is suitable for people with obesity and thinness to adapt to their own situation. The single-lever gearshift lever can be moved left and right to set different driving habits in different areas, this is one of our features and gives the public more freedom. Our seats also have seat belt holes so you can use your seat belts.

Right side view

In the side view we see that players can enter our seats directly from one side and from the other, quickly and without additional tedious operations. The seat back adjustment range is 60°-135°, and the steering wheel platform can also be adjusted up and down according to your own habits. The position of the footrest can withstand an impact of about 50 newtons, so players can use it with confidence and can also be adjusted to a usual angle.

Marada Adjustable Racing Simulator Cockpit with Large Round Tube Stand
Marada Adjustable Racing Simulator Cockpit with Large Round Tube Stand

  •  COMPATIBILITY: This universal designed steering wheel mount is compatible with all third-party platforms, wheels and pedals. Applicable to the full range of Logitech G25 G27 G29, G920, Fanatec, Thrustmaster T300RS, TX F458 and T500RS markets. DIY arc welding and drilling can be done without affecting the use.
  • [Perfect Function] 50mm thicker round tube, stronger support force. Make your racing game experience more solid.
  • 【High quality materials; Strong carbon steel construction. Double hand black spray paint; Stainless steel plate feet.
  • [Black Racing Seat] Right-angle, breathable fleece wrapped with memory foam.
  • [Adjustable design to meet different needs] Multi-stage adjustable
  • [Logistics] The stands and seats are sent in two packages. If you only receive one package, please don't worry, the other package is on the way.
  • Service If the product is damaged or lost in transit, or there are problems using and installing it, please contact me. We will make you feel our sincere service within 24 hours.
  • [Note: Without hand brakes, gears, pedals and racing seats.

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