Marada USB Handbrakes 14Bit PC Handbrake
Marada USB Handbrakes 14Bit PC Handbrake

Marada USB Handbrake 14 Bit Computer Handbrake With Clip Windows PC Only With Racing Simulator G25 G27 G29 T500 FANATECOSW Dirt Rally Windows

All steel structure: the control system is all steel structure, except for the safe and reliable sliding rail.

Advanced Handbrake: Non-contact sensor plus 14-bit Hall sensor, high performance, durable work without heat. The look is wrapped in nylon that resists tension and abrasion. The handbrake has a strong feeling of damping. High quality guarantees a long service life. It has a very hard compression spring in industrial quality.

Plug and Play: The USB cable is easy to plug and unplug, easy to install, NOT support XBOX1 and PS4, PC only support Windows system.

Applies to: Dirt 2.0, Assetto Corsa, CarX Drift Racing, Iracing and other game versions.

Small size: small size, small footprint. The height is adjustable, you can choose the most suitable height according to your needs. The ergonomically curved handle is firmly attached to the handle. Non-contact switch, ultra precision.

Powerful Handbrake: The universal handbrake for racing and simulation games.


The length of the handbrake can be adjusted by 4 cm

Handbrake material is thick and durable

The accessories are made of durable 8.8 . grade material

Double black spray paint, more texture

stainless steel buckle

Four-screw handbrake seat

It can be installed directly on the stand

It can also be attached to the table with convenient clips

The clamp is made of carbon steel, sturdy and durable

linear spring

Support adjustment

You can adjust the spring tension by adjusting the nut next to the spring

No matter how strong you are, you can adapt your distress to your personal habits

Marada USB Handbrakes 14Bit PC Handbrake
Marada USB Handbrakes 14Bit PC Handbrake

  •  [General] Handbrake is a professional racing game with highly realistic gameplay. Support Logitech G27 G25 G29 T500 T300 FANATECOSW LFS DIRT RALLY NOT compatible with Corsa, Horizon 4 and Forza Horizon 4. It does not support XBOX and PS4, only PC systems.
  • [Structure] Regardless of sliding, the USB handbrake is made of solid carbon steel and high-quality metal parts (steel and aluminum) to achieve the best durability. Ensure security and reliability.
  • [Use] Plug and play, humanized solution. Simply connect to USB, no driver installation required. 14 bit 1: 1 analog handbrake design, lever height can be adjusted as needed, non-contact sensor plus hall sensor, continuous operation will not overheat. PC Racing Handbrake only supports Windows PCs.
  • [Features] Flexible height adjustment, you can choose the most suitable height according to your needs. Suitable for mounting styles such as benches, standing, and desks. Enhance the real cockpit experience.
  • [Service] Please rest assured that our products and services are guaranteed. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us and we will try our best to provide you with the best shopping experience.

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