MSI MAG ARTYMIS 274CP Full FHD Ultra Wide Monitor
MSI MAG ARTYMIS 274CP Full FHD Ultra Wide Monitor

MSI Full FHD Ultra-Wide Anti-Glare 1ms 1920 x 1080 Refresh Rate 165Hz HDR Ready for 27" Monitor USB/DP/HDMI (MAG ARTYMIS 274CP)

To improve the user experience, MSI has created a suite of intelligent software based on years of experience in research and development in professional games that understand gamers' needs. With MSI Smart Gaming Technology, Smart Crosshair and Night Vision AI. The MSI ARTYMIS series uses the new 1000R curved surface technology to create an ideal curvature closer to the viewing angle of the human eye, thus reducing eye strain from long-term use of the monitor. At the same time, it improves the feeling of coverage and immersion, giving you a higher gaming experience.

  •  The 1000R curved screen perfectly adapts to the curvature of the human eye so that you can see the entire screen without feeling tired.
  • Rapid Boost (165 + 1ms) - Enjoy a smooth gaming experience with a fast refresh rate and amazing response time to keep you one step ahead of fast games.
  • Night Vision: See every detail clearly in the dark and help find and attack enemies before they know it.
  • Advanced AMD FreeSync Technology - Smooth, lag-free gaming.
  • Anti-flicker, reduce blue light reproduction for a longer time, prevent eyestrain and fatigue.

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