Mtcegi Star Light Projector for Bedroom with Timer
Mtcegi Star Light Projector for Bedroom with Timer

Mtcegi? BL-01 Star Projector Galaxy Projector with Music Speakers, Star Projector Bedroom with Timer, 10 Customizable Color Effects, Suitable for Mobile App, Alexa and Google Assistant, is a perfect gift for kids

Adjustable brightness to meet your needs

Use the remote control or the APP to adjust the brightness. Reduce brightness while sleeping and increase brightness while gaming.

Set a timer to save energy

There are two buttons on the remote control to set the half hour timer. I suggest you use the app to set the timer. It can set the timer up to 24 hours so that the lights don't bother you while you sleep. If you like, the lights can remain on all night long.

Use your cell phone or USB stick to listen to music

Set up a bluetooth speaker and listen to music after connecting with a mobile phone. It is very easy to connect via bluetooth or connect directly to a USB stick to play music.

  •     This starry sky projector is fully upgraded to the APP control for smartphones, the colors, brightness, lighting effects, speed of fog cloud, scenes, etc. can be adjusted easily and also can be used with Alexa and Google Assistant. Simply send voice commands to easily control your Galaxy display.
  •     The Galaxy Projector creates a field of animated nebulae combined with dazzling green stars to create a stunning eye projection. 10 major color effect designs, there are more customizable color settings in the app that create up to 16 million lighting effects.
  •     Starlight projector is an excellent mood changer to decorate your room. Dine under the glass ceiling, enjoy spa treatments, set up a home theater or play music at a children's party. Take a break after a busy day and enjoy the stars.
  •     It is also a perfect night light projector with timer and bluetooth speakers. Soothing Hungarian pictures, accompanied by soothing music, create a relaxing environment in your room that is conducive to sleep, especially for children and lively adults who really want to relax. Also, set a timer (within 24 hours via the app) so the lights don't bother you in the middle of the night and save energy.
  •     We all love galactic light. Stars are not uncommon on the city skyline today, but we can use galactic light projectors to turn ordinary ceilings into home planetariums. Take the illuminator to your children, friends, or anyone you care about. It's definitely a great gift.

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