Ogihisu Smartwatch with Heart Rate Call Sleep Monitor
Ogihisu Smartwatch with Heart Rate Call Sleep Monitor

Ogihisu Smart Watch for Android/iOS Phones 1.54 inch Smartwatch Heart Rate Calls Sleep Monitor Full Touch Screen Pedometer Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen Tracker Fitness Tracker Watch IP67 Waterproof

Monitor sleep quality and wake up calmly

This smart sports watch can track your sleep activity, record your deep sleep, light sleep and wake time, and wake you up with a silent vibrating alarm. Monitor your sleep every night and help develop good sleep habits


You can get notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Line, WhatsApp, Instagram and other apps. Stay connected to the phone, the smartwatch vibrates to remind you that you don't miss any important information

stable memory

This watch can regularly remind you to relax and wake up, exercise your muscles, boost blood circulation and help you maintain a good physical condition, depending on your setting.

music control

During exercise or when the phone is uncomfortable, pause the music or listen to the next/previous song on the smart sports watch

incoming call

Connect the smartwatch to your phone and you won't miss any calls. Help you stay connected and never miss any important news

Camera remote control

After the smart watch is connected to the mobile phone, the mobile phone camera can be remotely controlled to capture precious moments

Ogihisu Smartwatch with Heart Rate Call Sleep Monitor
Ogihisu Smartwatch with Heart Rate Call Sleep Monitor

  •     ⌚ [Monitor Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen Monitor] The smart watch has an advanced heart rate sensor that can accurately track your heart rate around the clock. It can measure SpO2, monitor blood oxygen levels and pressure, and monitor changes in the body. Help you understand your health better. (Note: This data is for reference only and cannot be used as a medical test.)
  •     ⌚ [8 Sports Modes] This fitness watch supports 8 sports such as jumping, running, sit-up, football, basketball, badminton, mountain climbing, etc., it accurately records steps, distance, calories burned and minutes of activity. Track your training path, distance and fitness during training
  •     ⌚ [Sleep Tracker] The smart watch evaluates your sleep quality at night and provides a complete sleep analysis (wake-up, light sleep and deep sleep data). This way you can better understand your sleep status and sleep quality.
  •     ⌚ [SMS & PHONE NOTIFICATIONS] You will never miss any messages during meetings and training sessions! You need to open all the APP permissions on your phone to receive call and text message notifications and many social APP message reminders (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) on your smartwatch. It will vibrate on your watch screen to let you know what's important
  •     ⌚ [Other Useful Features] This fitness tracker watch has more convenient functions, fitness tracker (pedometer, calories, distance), music and camera control, weather indicator, sedentary reminder, alarm clock, stopwatch and strap, turn on your wrist On the bright screen, find the phone and customize the wallpaper. If you have any questions about this smart watch, please contact us immediately

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