samtechT B0401 Sifely Smart Keypad Fingerprint Door Lock
samtechT B0401 Sifely Smart Keypad Fingerprint Door Lock

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Code versatility to meet your needs

The lock can store more than 200 passwords and 150 fingerprints. Between permanent, temporary, recurring and personal codes, you can create the right code for you!

Most tokens can be generated remotely, except for custom ones! The custom token requires that a remote security gateway be created.

Auto lock activated!

Did you forget to close the door when you got out? Don't worry, auto lock will lock it for you.

Don't you want him to lock you up behind you? We've got you covered and activate pass mode so you can go up and down smoothly any time you choose!

Activate notes

"On", "Off", "Low battery" and more!

Our lock lets you know what happened, avoid guessing what happened and live in peace.

Compatible with power bank

Even if you miss a low battery notification, you can use a portable power bank to power it through a small electrical outlet and go in.

Use with smart speakers

Just lock your smart speaker or unlock our lock, the Sifely Gateway lock can provide a more convenient experience.

Low power usage

4 AA batteries (not included), can work for a year without worrying about batteries, learn to enjoy the convenience!

Generate code instantly and easily!

Offer your guests and tenants the convenience of a distance (with Safely Gateway) to help you manage your lease.

No matter if you are creating a guest password or a one-time password for visitors, our lock brings you more convenience when you need it!

Authorized access!

Add an extra layer of control and convenience to your company, your employees, and your customers.

Are you a small business owner or a large business owner? Our lock can easily retrieve access records and quickly share access permissions with customers or employees in different ways, so you can sit back and relax.

Access management and activity control!

Use our web portal in conjunction with Safely Gateway to improve your operations with reliable network access.

No matter if you run a small hotel, vacation or construction complex, with a few clicks or a few simple swipes you can instantly book or revoke access via Fob, smartphone or password with our permanently connected lock!

 Central administration for all locks

With just a few clicks, you can assign or delete codes and codes for multiple locks. There are also electronic keys!

You can change the channel mode and other settings from your computer.
Tracking improvement

Download the access history and export it directly to your computer. If you know there is an entry and how to enter it, you will be notified.

You can also view other details of the portal, such as: battery level and lock/unlock status.

samtechT B0401 Sifely Smart Keypad Fingerprint Door Lock
samtechT B0401 Sifely Smart Keypad Fingerprint Door Lock

  •  🔓 [Landlords & Landlords] Great solutions for short-term Airbnb and HomeAway renters, property managers and self-employed residents. Passwords can be generated remotely and shared with offline visitors.
  • 【Advanced 3D Fingerprint Identification】 With 3rd generation fingerprint access control technology, the door can be opened in 0.3 seconds. The most secure 5 in 1 smart door lock for keyless entry: fingerprint + password + key fob + smart phone + key.
  • 🔓 [Easy to Install] A simple Phillips screwdriver can be installed in minutes. No more exercise. No locksmith needed. The handles on the left and right doors are reversible. Due to the size of the lock, existing fly barrier doors or noise barriers and doors may interfere. Please check the lock size carefully!
  • 🔓 [Remote Control/WLAN Access] Using the Safely WLAN Gateway (Optional Plug-in, Available Separately) you can lock/unlock the smart door lock at any time.

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