Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel and Magnetic Pedals
Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel and Magnetic Pedals

Thrustmaster T248, Racing steering wheel and magnetic pedals, HYBRID motor, magnetic paddle shifters, dynamic force feedback, game information display (PS5, PS4, PC)

The T248 uses the new and improved HYBRID DRIVE system with belt and gear mechanism to deliver tough, realistic and versatile gameplay. The T248 is designed for all gamers looking for performance and immersion, including those looking to ditch keyboards, mice or gamepads, and those who want to take the car to a new level once they get their start. . The new racing steering wheel is officially licensed for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 and is compatible with PC.

A Master T248

Developed for all gamers looking for performance and immersion who want to break free from the limitations of a keyboard, mouse or console or who want to improve their entry-level bike after getting started, the T248 is PC compatible.

Take a look at the dashboard THRUSTMASTER

The T248 offers more than 20 different options for displaying on its integrated screen: manual setting of a number of parameters (selection of the reaction type of force, angle of rotation of the wheels, etc.) or user selection of telemetry information (gear RPM, RPM), the best lap time for the player , etc.).

dynamic force information

The T248 has three types of force feedback (including presets) that are compatible with all games and can be adjusted at any time from the steering wheel:

FFB 1: The reaction force is 100% proportional to the force required by the game.

FFB 2: Enhanced force feedback for better sliding control.

FFB 3: Improves reaction force so that users can clearly feel all game effects (obstacles, slips, etc.) from the track.

The next generation of hybrid propulsion system

The T248 gives players extra power (70% more than the previous Thrustmaster T150 Hybrid racing wheel) and dominates the track due to its intensity.

The excellent driving performance of this hybrid system avoids the awkward feel and friction issues common with racing bikes without belt drive components.

25 action buttons

The T248 has two dual-mode encoders (up and down) on both ends of the center speaker on the steering wheel, and the number of control buttons is twice as many as the previous Thrustmaster (T150 series).

In any type of game, this wide selection of physical and virtual buttons gives the user a wide range of options when configuring the vehicle's controls.

magnetic rocker switches

Thanks to H.E. magnet technology.

This proprietary technology based on a non-contact and frictionless magnetic system also achieves an unprecedentedly long product life, even with the most intense gaming operations.

magnetic pedal

The T3PM Magnetic Crankset delivers truly remarkable millisecond accuracy and supports 4 brake pedal pressure modes.

Featuring perfectly smooth motion and avoiding the loss of accuracy that traditional potentiometer-based pedal combinations experience over time, the T3PM is a huge leap forward in terms of versatility and game-response.

Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel and Magnetic Pedals
Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel and Magnetic Pedals

  •     Sophisticated design with leather casing on the outside of the wheel
  •     Universal wheel shape, perfect for different racing game styles
  •     Up to 25 function keys, including 2 dual-mode encryption
  •     Interactive racing dashboard with more than 20 different displays on the steering wheel screen
  •     Force dynamic feedback: instantly adjust the intensity of the reactions on the screen (3 preset modes), compatible with all games

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