XIER APP Control 100ft Color Changing Led Lights for Bedroom
XIER APP Control 100ft Color Changing Led Lights for Bedroom

XIER MINI-Coms room 100ft LED light, XIER APP controls music and changes colors at the same time LED light bar with remote control LED light strip for home decoration

 XIER LED lights, illuminating every corner of the house

LED light strips provide adjustable brightness and a variety of colors, dim the lighting and choose the color you want.

Without leaving bed, you can dim the lighting and set the desired color via the app. Let yourself be completely immersed in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Time to party

RGB LED strips use double-sided super glue; Suitable for TV or computer backlight, can provide image clarity

bedroom decorating lights

Adjustable brightness and multiple colors allow you to decorate the room. Without having to get up, you can use the remote control to dim the light and set the colors you want. What a magical LED strip!

Set the timer

Position it so that you gradually get rid of dim light and wake up gently in the morning.

 XIER 100 ft extra long light strip, decorating large rooms is a blast

The XIER lamp features adjustable and controllable color changes with optional monochrome and RGB effects that can bring a variety of visual effects to a warm home.

LED strips are ideal for kitchens, base cabinets, dining rooms, bedrooms, and TV backlighting, and you can use them just about anywhere.

XIER APP Control 100ft Color Changing Led Lights for Bedroom
XIER APP Control 100ft Color Changing Led Lights for Bedroom

  •     APP control: you can freely control 16 million color changing lights, experience the timing function, 28 dynamic modes and also paint your own unique colors
  •     Music synchronization: The light bar has an intelligent music mode, the color of the light changes with the rhythm of the sound and music, and the sensitivity of the microphone is adjustable. Suitable for creating a romantic, relaxed and festive atmosphere
  •     EXTRA LONG: 100 feet of LED strip is enough to cover the entire room and light up the entire room
  •     CUTTABLE: The cut-out design allows you to adjust the length of the light strip as you like. If you don't need a long light, you can cut it between all three lights
  •     Easy to install: No additional hardware required, just stick the light strip on a clean and dry surface. Start enjoying the light bands
  •     Wide range of uses: LED light strips are suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, closets, lofts, living rooms and parties
  •     Note: Please read the manual before use and test the product before installation

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