Samsung is using the 6.1 inch version of the Galaxy S22
Samsung is using the 6.1 inch version of the Galaxy S22

Galaxy S series mobile phones are widely considered as one of the flagship mobile phone series, especially Samsung flagship phones. After Samsung abandoned the Galaxy Note series, the series' importance grew, making the Galaxy S the company's only non-foldable flagship.

After successfully hosting the meeting in August last year, the Korean company is now preparing for the next meeting in January next year. During this time, the company launched its flagship Galaxy S22 series.

According to the previous two generations, Samsung will release three versions of the phone, the regular version, the Plus version, and the Ultra version. However, a new report on The Elec shows that the company is mainly relying on a regular version with a 6.1-inch screen.

Here the company plans to focus its production capacity on this version, the production of which reaches 50-60%. Equipped with a 6.6-inch screen, the Galaxy S22 Plus version receives 20% of the output. After all, the Ultra version is about 20-30%.

According to recent leaks, the Galaxy S22 will support Ultra S-Pen. As with the Galaxy Note, the stylus is stored in the phone case and not in a special protective case like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung depends on the Galaxy S22

More than one rumored source has confirmed that the Ultra Pencil version will be supported. If so, the company wouldn't have to launch a new Note phone in 2022, which could cancel the series altogether.

This is because the Ultra version has the highest specifications and a large screen size. If it supports a stylus, it is considered a Note phone, but with the name Galaxy S. There are reports that Samsung plans to produce 20 million Galaxy S22 series smartphones before launch.

While this number is significant, it is still lower than the Galaxy S21 as Samsung wanted to produce 26 million units in the previous generation but ended up producing 30 million units before it was released. Perhaps the main reason for this decline is the global shortage of chipsets and processors.

In recent years, Samsung has allocated the production capacity of its mobile phone series differently. Here the Galaxy S20 2019 series contains 40% of the standard Galaxy S20 version. The Plus version is 45% and the Ultra version is only 15%.

This is given 40% of the Galaxy S21 Ultra released last year. Galaxy S21 and S21+ add 30%. These numbers show us that Samsung is not interested in the Plus version from the 2022 version, which could mean that the specifications of the regular version have improved.

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